We provide all web services in-house with our team of designers, developers and online marketers.


We design and develop your website on a CMS, enabling you to edit the content yourself.


We build you an editable website that you can make changes to as your business grows and develops. We also provide you with comprehensive training before the website goes live.

Just some of our websites


Much like eCommerce websites, CMS can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Our job is to design and develop the right solution for you and your business, which of course will vary from client to client. So We offer an extensive list of services that also transfer into events, we can design and develop a customised solution for related content – much like a related product feature often seen in eCommerce. The websites we create on content management systems can range from simple themes to completely bespoke websites. Either way, you’ll always have the benefits of CMS; easily editable pages, the ability to add as many pages or posts as you wish and flexibility with the aesthetics of your website.



We’ve helped hundreds of clients to make the jump from selling locally offline to selling online, with the potential to reach national and international customers.

Selling online with E-Commerce

We can help you establish yourself online with an eCommerce website, ensuring a smooth transition from offline to online.

Retailing online can transform a business not only financially but by broadening its geographical scope, which of course should lead to further development and growth within the company. IMA have designed and developed innumerable eCommerce systems, each created specifically to accommodate for the requirements of the client. So what are the advantages of going eCommerce? As technology has advanced we’ve seen a bigger percentage of people buying online. If you currently sell from a premises, your reach and potential is very limited. By entering the world of eCommerce you can promote the services and/or products you supply much more effectively. It’s simple logic – increasing the amount of people that know about you and your business will inevitably increase your potential for enquires and sales.


Bespoke Web Solution

A bespoke web solution from IMA is 100% tailored to your needs.

We deliver the solution, no matter how complex the brief may be.

Our experienced team of designers and developers excel in creating bespoke web solutions for clients with more specific, complex requirements.

The best thing about offering every web service in-house is that we know we can create the solutions ourselves. Each member of staff has their specific role – our developers specialise in developing, our designers specialise in design, and so on. This way, we can ensure that our team is more than capable of solving your problems, no matter how complex or diverse they may be. And not only are they capable, they love the challenge. So if you have a unique idea, something that needs a more bespoke design – bring it on!



Third Party Integration

We incorporate your current technologies into your new website.

Integration of payment gateways, stocking systems and other technologies.

Our experienced team can work your technologies into your design flawlessly, allowing you to keep on top of your business both online and offline.

Clients often wish to integrate an existing system into their new website. Whether this is a system for accounts, stock keeping, payment gateways or otherwise, there is a suitable solution for everything. This involves a similar process to our bespoke web solutions; we design a completely unique website that will function smoothly with the technology you specify.

We can work with a huge range of systems, making life much easier for you as it halves the work! If you’re looking to incorporate a system/software/database or other technology into a new website, get in touch to discuss your options.




Our graphic designers create both print and web designs, ensuring that your branding and company image is consistent across the board.


We’ve helped clients establish their entire company image; including branding, colour schemes, and logos that can be used for a range of print products.

We’re not just a web design company; we also offer a range of design services including: print, business branding and logo design, signage, exhibition stands, stationary design (letter heads, business cards etc.) and much more.

Our experience in the commercial world allows us to make the right decisions for you and your business. So when designing your printed products, our graphic designers keep you and your customers in mind.

Getting the right marketing to reflect your business image is imperative – people buy into first impressions, so it’s important to make yours a good one.

Keeping your brand identity consistent is important – it promotes professionalism and attention to detail, two attributes we look for when spending money no matter what the circumstances. Our design and print services comply with this at all times; we can help you promote your business with marketing techniques, in a way that is both aesthetically impressive and fitting with the rest of your business.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your company image or you’re starting a new business, we can offer a complete branding that can be used not only for your website but for company correspondence and promotion. We can also use your existing branding to create the new print items you desire.